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Study and Review

BONYAN which is one of the major investments groups in the UAE and an opertunaty was opened to check there projects designs and revise it for any modifications which can cuase cost reduction and improving the designs to the maximum and sereral projects have been revised like the following projects:

JORDAN BONYAN CITY Airport road Amman Jordan, this project consists of one Mall and five towers ranging from 55floors to 65floors with a buildup area of 570 230mwhich is going to be the biggest project in the Middle East.

Dubai Gates 1 at the Nakheel Jumeirah Lake Towers Dubai UAE (6B + G + 39floor + roof).

Dubai Gates 2 Dubai Gates 2 at the Nakheel Jumeirah Lake Towers Dubai UAE (6B + G + HC+34floor + service floor).

And many other consulting issues with several projects.

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