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Fancy Rose Gold Factory

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Porject Type: Fancy Rose Gold Factory Buildings.
Discription: B + G + 3Floor building.
Cinet: M/s Taiba Gold.
Main Consultant: N.E.B National Engineering Buru..
Location: Emirates Hill first - Dubai - UAE
Plot Number: 1F at emirates hill first.

This project consists of a gold factory at the Emirates Hills First for gold refinery, sales offices and residence for the Staff and labors, with a 100 by 100m length and width (B+G+3floors).

The systems used for these factories are:
1) Heavy Acid Treatments.
2) Light Acid Treatments.
3) Gibson ventilation.
4) Hot air ventilation.
5) LP Gas distribution.
6) Nitrogen Gas distribution.
7) Cooling water for the machine.
8) Air compressors.
9) Drainage for normal wastes and another system for acid wastes.
10) HVAC using a district cooling connection.
11) Basement ventilation using Get fan.
12) Electrical power.
13) Electrical light.
14) Telephone / Data system based on DIC system.
15) CCTV.
16) Fire Alarm on JAFZA regulations.
17) EM light system.

The project may change to six floors instated of three in the future so extra provisions were made for the future electrical load which will require 10 transformers for the second, also the client requested to make provisions for the future Chillers incase any problems happen with the district cooling system. This project is made under the NEB for the TAIBA Gold & Jewels Co,LTD located in K.S.A.

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