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Internationa City Pakage - 4

Construction Sites

Also completed NAKHEEL 's International City Chinamex Apartment (Package 4 JAP015-4/4 27 Buildings) as a Project engineer from DEC-2005 till OCT-2005 and during that time I had the duties of:

  • Preparations & following the RFI (request for inspection).
  • Preparation of monthly payments.
  • Following the Shop drawing to match the regulations and approved standards.
  • Preparation of Electrical Load Schedules.
  • Daily Report of man power and site progress.
  • Implementation and coordination of shop drawings of the electrical services with the other services (HVAC/PLUMPING).
  • Following the site requirements of marital and man power.
  • Following the requirements of DEWA and DIC and other authorities from approval of site works.

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