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Personal Data:

Name: Hasan Mohammad Al-Botmah.
Birth Date: 4 of January 1981.
Nationality: Jordanian.
Mobile Number: +97150 8819192.
E-mail address:

1998-2003 Graduated with a BS'C degree in Electrical Power Engineering at Hijjawi College for technological engineering with an over all very good rating, Yarmouk University, Irbed, Jordan.

Courses and Training:
Completed all four Cisco CCNA Semesters in Cisco Regional Academy, Yarmouk University (2001 to 2003).
Membership of Jordan Engineers Association, specialization in power engineering since August 2003.

Currently working with Praktika Electromechanical Consultant as the Electrical design team leader since OCT – 2005 with the responsibly of :

  • Coordination between the client requirements and the Architect Plans to give the most effective system with the least area or financial costs.Leading the Design team and distributing work timing to meet the deadlines of the projects following the time table of each project.
  • Electrical Load estimation for a building depending on the building type and building use.
  • Defining the Basic electrical services requirements like the Substation, LV room & electrical room’s area and location.
  • Defining the communication systems requirements Etisalat or EITC depending on the building type.
  • Making the load Schedules.
  • Making the Specs of the projects systems and materials.
  • Defining the subsystems like CCTV, SMAT, Music or public address, access control, BMS systems or any other depending on the client requirements and budget.
  • Checking the systems before submitting them to the Authorities for approval.
  • Cost Studies and estimation of the systems used, also being able to reduce or increase the systems properties to match the client needs.
  • Reviewing and editing the spec’s of the systems depending on each project case.
  • Discussion with the authorities regarding any special case projects to find appropriate solutions for both the client and the authorities.
  • And a lot More …

Al ANDALOS Trade. Elect CONT Dubai - UAE from January 2004 till October 2005 and completed project of NAKEEL International City – Chinamex Apartment (Package – 2 JAP015-4/2 12 Buildings)as a site engineer from JAN-2004 to DEC-2004 and completed NAKEEL International City – Chinamex Apartment (Package – 4 JAP015-4/4 27 Buildings)as a Project engineer from DEC-2005 till OCT-2005 and during that time I had the duties of:

  • Preparations & following the RFI (request for inspection).
  • Preparation of monthly payments.
  • Following the Shop drawing to match the regulations and approved standards.
  • Preparation of Electrical Load Schedules.
  • Daily Report of man power and site progress.
  • Implementation and coordination of shop drawings of the electrical services with the other services (HVAC/PLUMPING).
  • Following the site requirements of marital and man power.
  • Following the requirements of DEWA and DIC and other authorities from approval of site works.

National Electrical Power Company (NEPCO) Amman, Jordan, were I was able to work with the maintenance department of Transmission stations of 400Kv, 132Kv and 33Kv level, and the transmission lines and cables from (June-2003 till Jan-2004).


  • Able to use many Engineering software like Mathlab, EWB, Circuit Maker and kit assembly programs which are able to cover a large part of control of electric & control simulations.
  • Using MS-Dos, MS-Windows and MS-Office.
  • Can use Java language to an average level on applications & applets.
  • Able to make web pages using html code and java applets with some experience with JSP (Java server pages).
  • Theoretical background on PLC design and programming.
  • Able to do Computer assembly and maintenance.
  • Able to use AutoCAD to modify drawing.
  • Valid driving license in both Jordan and UAE.

Fluently speaking, reading and writing:

  • English were I completed the IELTS test in the British council with a very good rating.
  • Arabic mother language.


  • Hard working.
  • Creative.
  • Fast learning.
  • Co operative.

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